Region Band


This year, the Royal Marching Sound machine has had another successful year in region band. Six of our high school students auditioned for region band and all six of them made region band with four advancing to area. Seven of our middle school students also auditioned for the middle school region band and five of them made region band. We hope to continue having great success and continue establishing a culture of winners


Article By: Mr. Gary S. Miller Jr & Nicholas Tijerina

The Royal Marching Sound Machine Band Under The Direction of Mr. Gary S. Miller Jr. & Mr. Adolfo Garcia Jr. has always been an extraordinary group of individuals. When Paul Downing was band director, the band constantly got superior ratings and won sweepstakes trophies.. Now, the band has pushed to the top once again after advancing to the Area Marching Competition for UIL in the Fall of 2018. Mr. Gary S. Miller Jr. sent one of the first kids to the region band audition in the 2019-2020 school year where he made region band and set an example for every student. Noel Medina was one of the first Royal HS students to go and try out since the last group of kids in the 1900s.This school year (2020-21), 7 students participated and achieved great scores, took over, and bounced other local schools off the podium.

The photos below are the students receiving their region band patches that will be put on their school letterman jackets. The patches arrived at Royal High School yesterday evening, Royal HS is currently awaiting area patches for 3 students who made the Area Band. Their names are Listed Below. Some of the RMSM students also auditioned for the state band and did an awesome job as well. None of the students qualified for state but it was a prestigious honor to be considered to be a part of that ensemble and is a big leap in success for the future.

The Royal HS band will now prepare for solo and ensemble which will be held at Hempstead High school on Saturday Feb 6th. The students competing for the division 1 success will be as follows. Angeles Garcia Clarinet 11th grade, Alfredo Rios Saxophone 12th grade, Kameron Jones Tenor Trombone 11th grade, Colby Turner Tenor Trombone 11th Grade, Jesus Martinez Euphonium 10th Grade, & Gary S. Miller III percussion 11th grade

Jesus Martinez

Euphonium 2nd Chair All Region / Area Finalist

Gary S. Miller III

Percussion 5th Chair All Region

Alfred Rios

Saxophone 3rd Chair All Region / Area Finalist

Chance Pierre

Tuba 5th Chair All Region Band / Area Finalist

Fernando Solorio

Euphonium 5th Chair

Brianna Spindelman

Bb Trumpet 10th Chair