Royal High School Jazzettes

"The Royal High School Band Department, Founded by Robert Sage Serving Waller County Since 1959"

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Royal HS Jazzettes

The 2022-23 Royal High School Jazzettes Is Under The Direction Of Ms. Andrea H. Villatoro, The Royal ISD Musical Arts Department And Dance Department Have Multiple Award Winning Trophies, Shows And Performances Under There Belt. Despite This Years Covid-19 Outbreak The Royal High School Jazzettes Fought Though The Fall Season To Perform At The Friday Night Light Games at Falcon Stadium and To Participate In A Virtual Dance Competition. in the Year of 2021-2022 The Royal High School Jazzettes Participated In a Dance Competition Getting A Division 1 Rating From Judges And Making History For Royal High School.

This Spring Year And Next Year The Royal High School Jazzettes Plan on Breaking Records Next Year Like No Other And Making Falcon Dance Nation Proud - Revised October 2022

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